Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Summer Fashion Must Haves

Hey guys! I decided I wanted to make a list of my summer fashion must haves. These are items that I already have in my closet or items that I would like to purchase for my over flowing closet! I can't help it, buying clothes is my hobby ( does that count as a hobby?). Maybe I should say COLLECTING clothes is my hobby!

I always love when summer time hits because you have more options for what you can wear compared to fall and winter. In summer you can wear dresses, skirts, shorts, carpi's, tank tops, halter tops, and the list goes on and on.

1. Maxi Skirts 
My first must have is maxi skirts. I love maxi skirts! They are so comfortable and they look very cute and flattering on any body type. I don't really like maxi dresses because they tend to show every bump and lump that's hiding underneath. Skirts help suck in your after baby belly.

I bought this one at Target for only $17.99. I love pairing this skirt with a simple white tshirt and a long necklace.

I also like this black skirt. I'm thinking about making a Target run to go purchase it. You can't go wrong with a black maxi skirt!

2. Colored Shorts 
I love wearing colored shorts. I have a light blue pair and a coral pair. They are just so fun! I like being able to change up from just wearing normal denim shorts. I even have a couple pairs of white shorts that I love to wear. 

This is the pair I have from American Eagle. I tend to buy a lot of my pants and shorts from there because it's such great quality and they aren't too expensive. I usually wear these shorts with a black tank or tshirt and a long necklace.

3. Summer Dresses
Summer dresses are perfect and ideal for keeping cool during those hot summer days. I enjoy simple sun dresses. I usually find ones I like at Target and American Eagle.

I love this one from American Eagle. It's so simple and flowy which makes it very comfortable on those days when it feels like its 130 degrees out!

4. Wedges 
I am obsessed with wedges! They're just so darn cute! You can wear them casual or when your dressing up nicely. I have a few pairs that I like to wear in the summer. Usually I'll wear them with a dress or more casually with a pair of shorts and a nice top. They also go great with skinny pants!

These black wedges go with everything! I love black shoes because they're so versatile. These ones are comfortable too!

This is a cute nude wedge. I have a nude wedge that's from the Fergie brand but they don't sell it anymore. These are similar though!

5. Kimono Cardigan
I don't own any of these yet but I love the look of the Kimono cardigans. They look so soft and comfortable. I like that they are sheer and will keep you cool. These are perfect for those cooler summer days. Throw it on over your tank top so you don't get chilly!

I really like this look and color of this one. The floral style in these are my favorite.

What are your must haves this summer?


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