Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fitness Journal #1

Hey there! So back when I first started up my blog I had wrote a post saying I was going to use this blog to help me with getting in shape. Well, since I ended up being a slacker with blogging at the beginning I didn't update any on my fitness and health, nor did I follow my fitness and health regime. So with all of that being said, and since I am determined to keep up with my blog, I decided I would do a weekly update on my fitness journey.

This past week I decided to try 2 things that I found on my Pinterest and Instagram. The first thing is the 30 day squat challenge. I did day 5 last night and let me tell you, my thighs and booty are feeling it. Everyday you add more and more squats and it says on the 30th day you'll be doing 250 squats! Holy Moly! I don't know how I'll be able to do that many but I'm willing to give it a try!

The other program I found is the 30 day ab challenge. Same concept as the squat one except this one targets your abs. I do the squat challenge first and jump straight into the ab challenge after. This on starts with a sit ups, then crunches, leg lifts and has you finish off with planks. It's pretty intense, more intense than I thought it would be.

Try these programs with me! I'd love to have us all support each other while we try to kick our bootys into shape!

Now I just need to add in some daily cardio (besides chasing my kids around the house all day). I've heard great things about HIIT Workouts and I think I'll give those a try. I'm going to try the ones on blogilates you tube. If you haven't seen all the workout videos she posts, you should go look. And they're all no longer than 15 minutes which is awesome for a stay at home mom who doesn't have too much time on her hands.

Healthy Eating
Eating healthy is probably the hardest part of starting a healthier lifestyle. I am a sucker for junk food and sweets. Chips, cookies, cakes, fast food... I love it all! I am starting by cutting out one bad food group at a time. First thing I'm cutting out: Fast food. Fast food is not good for you at all, I'm sure you know that. It may taste good but it always makes you feel blah and tired the rest of the day. I always feel pretty gross after I eat it, especially lately. Maybe it comes with ageing? Anyways, cutting out fast food will help start to slim my waist line and save me some money too! Plus, I hate feeding my kids all that greasy food.

Recently, I have found a new food love... Vegetables! I love vegetables. I used to hate almost all vegetables. I decided to start trying new foods and discovered that they are Delicious and of course good for your body. I am trying to eat my fruits and veggies everyday. I will have a veggie and/or fruit with every meal. Breakfast and lunch I usually have fruits with my meals and for dinner we always have some sort of veggie.

Weekly Goals
Here are my weekly goals for this next week:
1. Continue the 30 day squat challenge and ab challenge
2. Cut out Fast Food
3. Start doing daily HIIT workouts
4. Go on at least 3 walks a week

I will be back next Wednesday to update you on how I did with my goals and some more of my tips and what I'm doing to get healthier. Share your tips in the comments below, I would love to read them. Thanks for reading!

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