Monday, June 9, 2014

Organizing Mondays: What's in my Purse/ Diaper bag?

 Today's Organizing Mondays is all about what's in my purse/diaper bag. After my youngest, Colton, turned 6 months I ditched my humongous diaper bag and moved onto a smaller tote bag to keep all of my boys things in. Well, last weekend my husband and I went to the Outlets that are near by and I decided it was time to switch to a purse since I don't need to carry around as much for them anymore.

I received a gift certificate to Coach from my in laws and decided to get a new purse and wallet from there. I was in luck, we went on Memorial Day weekend and they were having huge sales! Everything in Coach was 50% off and the bag and wallet I picked out were both in the 40% off section. I got them for a great price!

The purse is a brown/beige color. I love it! I'm a sucker for Coach purses. I have a few and I always get them at the Outlets because the price is so much better than buying it at a Coach store in the mall.

Ok, let's see what's inside!

When you open the purse the first thing you see is my wallet/wristlet. I bought this at the same time as the purse and with all of the discounts it was only $20 which is crazy!

Underneath the wallet I have diapers, wipes, some snacks, my coin purse, and some extra clothes for Colton. I don't keep extra clothes for Bryan in my purse but I do have an outfit in my car for emergencies.  I also keep both boys shot records in my purse in a plastic bag. This way I have them for whenever I may need them.

In the zipper pocket in the purse I keep my sunglasses and some hand lotion.

On the other side of the bag are 2 pockets. One of them holds a first aid kit, you never know when you'll need band aids! I use the other pocket for my cell phone. It fits perfectly!
On the outside of the purse, there is a big pocket on each side. One of the sides is empty for now, but I plan on buying an Erin Condren planner in the next month and I want to put it in the pocket. On the other sides pocket I keep a notebook where I put my to-do lists, grocery lists and more.
My wallet is a light beige, cream color. 
I carry my cards, license, checkbook, cash, and lip products in here. 

I normally keep a makeup bag in my purse, but for now since I have diapers in there I don't have much room for one right now.

Here's a few coach wristlets that I really like!

It's nice to keep an organized purse, especially when your looking for something in a hurry. I hope you enjoyed reading this and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love this post. I just recently ditched my diaper bag and also use a large purse. I do need to organize it better.

    1. Thank you! It's definitely nice to start carrying around a purse again!