Monday, June 23, 2014

Vacation Prep #2 - Packing lists

Happy Monday everyone! Today I bring you part 2 of my Vacation prep series. One of the first things I start for any vacation is my packing lists. I make several packing lists, from clothes/beauty/accessories to the car packing list. I'm a huge list fan! If I don't make packing lists I'll feel like I'm scrambling around when it comes time to pack and I will most likely forget something. The reason I make them a few weeks before vacation is because as my days go by I'll think of random things to add to the lists.

Clothes and toiletries 
The main packing list I make is for clothes and toiletries. I will make a list for my husband, my 2 boys and myself. My husband doesn't understand why I make one for him since he just throws things in the bag and is good to go. But if I do this for him then I can ask him what all he packed and check it off as he says it. That way I can help him make sure not to forget anything because he is very forgetful.

I start the list off with clothes, then move onto hair, makeup, and jewelry. Then after all that is done is when I start to add random items like phone charger and iPad. I also like to put how many of each item I would like to take next to that item. For example, Ill need to bring shorts on vacation. So I'll write shorts and then next to it I'll put 4/5 so I know that's how many pairs I want to bring.

I will go more in depth in a couple weeks post about how I pack for myself and pick out my outfits. I'll also show you how I'm going to pack for my boys on this vacation. I'm trying something new that I saw on Pinterest. (Anyone else addicted to Pinterest?)

I like to also make a packing list for things I want to bring in the car. Things like toys and movies for the kids, books, blanks, pillows, etc. This helps for when I'm packing the car. I'll just grab my list and start putting things into the car or into bags to put in the car.

We plan on leaving at about 6 in the morning for vacation this year. So my husband and I plan on packing the car the night before. That way were not scrambling in the morning to pack and then end up forgetting something.

Of course I have to bring some food for my little munchkins. I plan on packing some juice boxes, snacks, and fruit for them. And a few snacks for my husband and myself as well. It gets expensive when your buying drinks and snacks every time you stop at a gas station. Buy these things before at a grocery store, Walmart or Target so that you save on money.

Once we get down to our vacation spot we will be going to Walmart to buy some more food to last us while we are on vacation. Some breakfast items, snacks, drinks and a couple dinners to make in the hotel room so were not eating out every meal.

We will be using a cooler to pack the drinks and fruit and the rest will go into a bag that I can stash below the kids feet for easy access.

Next Monday's Vacation prep I'll be talking about what I pack for makeup and hair, and the best items to bring for beauty on a beach vacation.

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