Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Black Eyes, Lego Movie and Sleepy babies

Happy Friday Everyone! I feel like this week flew by. I did some grocery shopping on Monday, Tuesday my kids and I did some baking of treats, Thursday we had some more errands to run and today we are spending time with my nieces and nephew.

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Black Eyes
On Saturday we went to a 1st day of summer party. It was with a bunch of friends and some family. We had a BBQ potluck, sat around and talked while the kids played on the trampoline, in the sandbox, or on the water toys. It was a blast! 

I was getting my food when I looked over at the trampoline to see my son Bryan crying. I walked over and held him asking him what was wrong. He said he hit his eye but I didn't see anything (then again, he was burying his head in my shoulder so I couldn't get a good look). He asked for me to take him to daddy so I did. After about 15 seconds with daddy he came running back over to me and my husband mentioned that his eye looked a little swollen. I set down my youngest, Colton, and picked Bryan up to see that his eye was very swollen where he had hit it. 

In the process of me checking out Bryan's eye for the second time, Colton face planted into a set of bricks and gave himself a black and swollen eye in the same exact spot as Bryan's. I had 2 crying babies with swollen eyes. I felt so bad for them both. 
(this was the next morning) 

Bryan's eye is still black and yellow but the swelling is gone. Colton just has a little scratch on the top of his eyelid. My poor babies. Boys will be boys I guess. Or at least that's what everyone keeps telling me. 

Lego Movie
Anybody else's kid's obsessed with this movie? We bought it last Thursday and have watched it at least 3 times a day since then. Now he's also obsessed with building things with Lego's. We took both boys to see this movie in theaters and he has been asking about the movie ever since then. He mainly liked it because he is in love with super heroes. Batman and Superman especially.

This is the first movie he's been so obsessed over since Toy Story 3. When he was about 6 months old he used to watch Toy Story often and it became a favorite until he was about 1 1/2. He liked other movies like Cars and shows like Thomas the Train but never as much as Lego Movie.

We were going to wait and give him the movie for our road trip to our vacation destination but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off that long to give it to him. I'm a sucker for those big cheesy grins he gives me. What movie is your children in love with?

Sleepy Babies
Whenever either of my kids starts sleeping for longer periods of time I automatically assume they're sick. 9/10 times that is the case. Colton has been sleeping longer than normal for both night time and his naps. So I started worrying that maybe he was sick.

He started doing this on Monday, it's Friday now and he's still doing it. This time it looks like he's not sick but teething and maybe hes also decided he needs more sleep each day and night.

I've been trying to skip his morning naps and do just one nap a day lately. He fell asleep on my the other day right before lunch time because of us trying to change this up. Sleepy little man!

It was a pretty great week, next week should be even better! Hope you all have an awesome weekend and thanks for reading!



  1. Thanks for linking up with us!! :)

  2. Rebecca,
    Hope that the kids are feeling better. I plan on renting that Lego movie this weekend for my little one, so thanks for the quick review on that one.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. They are both feeling much better thank you! Just a bruised eye for my oldest :-). Yes definitely check the movie out! My boys love it, I thought it was a bit weird but if they like it then that's all that matters.