Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Chuck E Cheese, Swimming and stalking my email

Happy Friday everyone! What a quick week! Even though I'm a stay at home mommy, I still get excited when the week is over and the weekend is here. It means my husband will be home with us all weekend which my boys and I love! We have a beginning of summer party this weekend and then were also going shopping for swimsuits for our vacation next month. I love shopping but swimsuit shopping is probably my least favorite. I've lost all the weight I gained after having my 2nd son plus some but my body is definitely not the same proportions as it used to be. My thighs and hips are bigger,  stretch marks have taken over my belly, and I'm pale as a ghost. I'm OK with it all though because my 2 precious boys were worth all of it, and I'd do it again and again.

Chuck E Cheese 
We've been working on potty training or 3 1/2 year old for the past year. He just never seemed to into wanting to try. He'd go through spurts where one week he would be all for it and the next he didn't care. Well, we finally decided to try a potty chart and after a certain amounts of going on the potty he would get prizes. His final prize was to get to go to Chuck E Cheese. He loved it! We went last weekend and he's still talking about it.

Both boys rode some little rides, played games, ate pizza, drank from a pretty cool Chuck E Cheese cup  and won some prizes at the end. Over all it was a very successful potty training celebration!

We are currently living with my In-laws, we just moved out to Pennsylvania almost a year ago after my husband got out of the Army so were trying to get on our feet. We plan on buying our first house in August or September (Stay tuned for DIY and decorating tips once we do!). Anyways, my mother in law pulled out a little pool she had for the kiddos on father's day for them to play in. My 2 boys, 2 nieces and nephew all got in and had a blast!

Colton wasn't too sure about it, the water was pretty cold. Anytime he would get splashed with water he would start crying. He ended up playing more around the pool then in it. My oldest had a blast though! He kept jumping in and playing games in there. He did complain he was cold every time he got in though.

At one point he decided to follow in his older cousins foot steps and run and jump in the pool like she did. As soon as he jumped in he was back out of that water in a second.

Bryan - "I'm Cold" his face was as serious as could be and the tone of his voice was so grumpy and serious.
My sister in law and I started laughing.
Bryan - "It's not funny!" and he ran off to play somewhere else.

Stalking my email
As I mentioned in last Friday's Weekly wrap-up post, I ordered an Erin Condren Life planner last week. It originally said that it would ship by June 20th (today), however I checked it on Monday and the ship date changed to June 26th. I was pretty bummed about that. I know they're very busy because they had an over load of orders but I was really hoping to get it before July 1st since that's when the planner starts. Plus, I have a hard time waiting for things that I want, I'm an impatient person!

So this whole past week I have been stalking my order status like a creeper. It slowly started changing, It went from printing to being printed on Wednesday morning and now it's just stuck with being printed. Oh well, It will get here eventually and I know I'm going to love it!

I hope you all had a great week and I hope your weekend is even better! Thanks for reading!


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