Wednesday, July 09, 2014

5 Reasons why Target is so Addicting

Ever wondered what it is that makes Target so addicting? I mean really, why are a good majority of us so addicted to Target? It's seriously a problem! I can't get enough of Target. If I could buy the whole store, I probably would! (Except my Husband wouldn't allow that, what a party pooper.) I decided to make a list of the 5 reasons why I think Target is addicting. Here it is!

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1. The Atmosphere
Do you walk into a Target and instantly feel relaxed? I do! Maybe it's because I've got a shopping problem (Hi, my name is Becca and I'm a shopaholic!) or just that the store always seems so peaceful. Either way, Target has a great atmosphere. There's a range of colors everywhere and so much to look at. I could spend all day walking around and shopping at Target.

2. Starbucks and the mini concessions
The Target I go to has a Starbucks in it and a spot to get Pizza Hut mini pizzas and some other snacks. I like to walk right over to the Starbucks when I first arrive and get myself a drink to walk around with. Anyone else feel cool and grown up when you walk around with a Starbucks cup in your hand? No, just me?! Well, regardless it's nice to have a drink with you while your walking around doing your shopping.

A lot of times, at the end of our shopping trip after I've handed over my life savings to the cashier, I'll get my boys and myself a snack to take with us in the car ride home (sadly we live 30 minutes away from Target). Or if it's lunch time we will get some pizzas and bread sticks and eat them there.

3. The Clothes
Target has some great clothing options! I love the selections at Targets and the prices are awesome! Most things are priced pretty well and there's always the sales racks. I mean literally, there is always like 8 sales racks in the back just waiting to be picked through. I've found some great deals in there. I'm a sucker for Target clothes, they always sell the top trends and I've found the quality of the clothes to be great! (No this is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoy Target.)

4. The Kids Selection
They have everything you will need, between the clothes selection, the new baby items to furniture for your children. Both times that I was pregnant I did the majority of my baby shopping there. My boys cribs came from there, a bunch of outfits, diapers, breast pump, bottles, and more. Plus, Target offers a gift registry so if you wanted people to get you items from Target for your baby then you can register either online or in store. I did it online because when I was pregnant (both times) I had no energy to go anywhere and was a big bum for a good majority of my pregnancies.

5. The Home Decor
This is, by far, my favorite part of Target. Their home decor section. There is always so much I want to buy from Target that I tell myself to wait on and buy a few items at a time. I love their furniture, besides it being a tad pricey, and I love all there decorations for your home. Before we lived with my In laws, my living room was decked out in Target decor. We will be buying our first house in the next few months and you better believe that I will be doing more decorating with Target when the time comes. The decor is great quality and such cute pieces.

There you have it, my top 5 reasons why I think Target is addicting. Why do you think it's addicting? When was the last time you went Target shopping? If my Target was a bit closer I would probably go more than once a week. As of right now I got about once every 2 weeks or so.

Thanks for reading about my love for Target and I hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. I'm addicted to target. ADDICTED! And with the mobile coupons AND cartwheel app? forget it! lol. great post! xo

    1. Thanks! Haha yes, that cartwheel app is amazing!

  2. I teach high school and many of my students are addicted to Target! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks for hosting the blog hop!

  3. Love this post! I have always loved Target and up until last year I went to a Target on every trip to the US. But now we have Target in Canada, so I can go anytime. It's not quite the same as the US stores, but it's pretty close and I never leave without buying something!

    1. That's awesome that you have one near you now! Haha I'm the same, you can't go into Target without buying at least one thing!