Sunday, December 01, 2013

And So It Begins...

First things first, I wanted to introduce myself to you. In a nut shell I am a happily married 27 year old with two little boys who is addicted to clothes and makeup. My husband would say I have too much clothes, makeup, shoes, and jewelry but I beg to differ. A girl can never have to much of those things.

My husband and I met in Colorado, where I lived pretty much my whole life. He was in the army stationed out there and we met through mutual friends. He deployed after we had been dating for four months. While he was deployed we got engaged. I kept myself busy by planning our wedding and working. He returned to the states in August of 2009 and we got married in November of 2009.

It was long after we got married that I got pregnant with our first child. We were excited/nervous/anxious and couldn't wait to meet the little guy. He was born in December of 2010.

Unfortunately, my husband had to deploy again when our son was only five months old. It was tough on all of us but after a year of being deployed and me worrying constantly about his safety he returned home and we were a family again.

We didn't waste any time and decided to try for our second child one month after he got home, and surprisingly we got pregnant right away. We welcomed our second little boy into the world in May 2013.

I moved to Colorado when I was 7 years old and lived there until August of this year. My husband got out of the army and we decided to move out to Pennsylvania, where he is from. It has definitely been a big change for me, I'm still trying to adjust.

This blog is about all things mommy, from crafts to cooking, with a little bit of fashion and beauty thrown into it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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