Monday, February 03, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: A night out for mommy and daddy

I want to start doing some sort of weekly wrap up. Where I will post pictures from through out my week of what my family and I did. I will put these up normally on Sunday's to end out the week. Last week wasn't too interesting of a week. My husband had to work a pretty good amount of overtime so it was just me and my boys most of the day just playing and watching movies. It's been extremely cold here in Pennsylvania so we I didn't want to go out too much and have to bring the kids out in the cold. My mother in law taught me how to sow and my first project was this Superman cape for my 3 year old. He loves it! Out of nowhere about a month ago he became obsessed with superheros, especially Superman.

He wears the cape everywhere! We went to Walmart the other day and everyone kept saying "It's Superman!" It's very rewarding to make something that he loves so much. We received a package from my best friend who lives in Hawaii currently. She sent both boys a present and they loved it!
She got my oldest, Bryan, a toothbrush set with Spongebob Squarepants on it and also a Cars coloring book. He loved them both! He's been carrying his Spongebob toothbrush around the house wherever he goes.
She got Colton a little Noah's Ark rubber toy set. It's super cute!
On Saturday we went to a friend's birthday party. This was the first time My husband and I went out just us since we had Colton back in May. It was nice to get away for a few hours but I sure missed my boys. We had a blast though! Some of our family was there with us as well. We danced, drank a little and just had a good time overall. This is a picture of some friends, my sister in law and me.
The only thing I didn't get a picture of was from last night, the Superbowl. Broncos are my team and have been for about 8 years now. However, I was very disappointed with how they played last night. I hope you all had a good week and an even better week this week!

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