Monday, June 08, 2015

Book Review: Shopaholic to the Stars

Hey guys and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was nice and relaxing and your ready to take on the work week once again. Wouldn't it be nice if the weekend was Monday to Friday and the work week was just Saturday and Sunday? Right, like that will ever happen!

I recently finished reading a book this last week and I want to do a book review on it. I used to be a big reader but ever since having kids I kind of stopped reading. I just never really had time for it. When I did have down time I didn't want to spend it on reading. Well, I'm starting to get back into it now that my kids are getting a little bigger and becoming quite independent! This last week I worked at a different location then I normally do and business is slow! So I've had a lot of down time and decided to fill it with reading.

One of my favorite authors is Sophie Kinsella. She wrote the whole Shopaholic series along with a bunch of other fun books! I just love her style of writing. She's very funny and I feel like I'm best friends with her characters. My favorite books of hers are the Shopaholic series. They are just so fun and easy to read. I laugh all throughout the book and can picture the characters like I know them. There are 7 books in the series and this last book left a nice cliff hanger so number 8 will hopefully be released sometime soon!

If you haven't read the books, they are about this girl Becky and her family. From book 1 to book 7 you follow Becky along as she is single, to married, to having a baby and so many more fun surprises along the way. Becky is always finding herself in a pickle! From financial problems to planning 2 weddings for herself and her husband. I just love the creativity that Sophie Kinsella throws into these books.

In Shopaholic to the Stars, Becky and her husband Luke move to L.A. for a few months for his job. They bring there young child, Minnie, along with them . Becky is star struck! She wants to meet as many stars as she can. Her husband is representing one of the biggest stars in town and Becky wants to become her personal shopper. But Becky tries to show this star, Sage, her talents and Sage just blows Becky off. So Becky ends up becoming a stylist for Sage's nemesis and that's when the real problems start. Becky's life starts to fall apart and she has to try and piece it all back together.

I liked this book, however, I think the previous Shopaholic books were better. I didn't like Becky as much in this book as I did in the other ones. She got a big head in this book and was very selfish. I know it was part of the book because she was in L.A. but I just didn't enjoy her as much. I would give this book 4/5 though, because I just love these books. The end of the book left you with a cliff hanger and I can't wait to read the newest book when Sophie Kinsella decides to release it.

Have you read these books before? What is your favorite book series or author?

Have a great day!

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