Monday, June 05, 2017

Beachbody performance : Energize Review

Happy Monday! I love Mondays, you know why? Because it is the start to a new week . A fresh start. I am currently doing the Core De Force workout and I had a couple slip ups this weekend with my eating so it'll be nice to get back on track today.

I can't wait till my oldest is on his summer break starting the end of this week. lots of in things in store for this summer !

I wanted to review one of my favorite workout necessities today. Yes, this product is necessary . I started using beachbody performance product energize only 2 months ago and it's a game changer.

Before having my last son this last June, I used to use a pre-workout all the time for working out. I loved the energy it gave me but hated the jitters I got from it. So when I heard that Beachbody's pre workout didn't give you bad jitters I decided to give it a try.

Now, I was skeptical at first because I am still nursing and didn't want my little one to get any of the effects from the pre-workout . But when I started to do my research and saw other nursing moms using it I knew I had to try it. This product is a natural source of energy, using green tea extract to give you that boost. So nothing in it to harm your baby. I've even seen pregnant girls on Instagram using it!

The best part?! No jitters! I can feel my body rev up about 15 minutes after drinking it and then I feel great! I always break out into a little dance because it just gets me pumped. Plus, my kids love a good dance party.

The flavor is lemon and it tasted like a nice lemonade. Perfect for these summer months. Interested in seeing what this yellow goodness is all about? Email me at or drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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